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Alpacas were first recognized as a life necessity as well as an indulgent textile of Incan royalty. The sumptuous makeup of alpaca fiber was synonymous to the cashmere-like textiles adorning the closets of today. The alpaca’s unequivocal ability to live in wavering altitudes and conditions made them one of the last domestic animals of their time. Alpacas are not only a durable animal, tadalafil help but also a source for the most luxurious textiles available today. Their fleece is the softest, warmest, lightest textile fiber on earth as well as flame resistant and hypoallergenic.

Lifespan: 15 – 20 years
Adult weight: 100 – 190 lbs


Suri alpacas possess a lustrous coat that hangs close to the body in round ringlets. The quality of fleece is not measured by volume, ed but by handle. Slippery, almost greasy, locks are a more desirable coat, and often cause the alpaca to appear smaller than it actually is. Suri fiber is typically woven into a warm thick cloth ideal for jackets and coats.

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Huacaya alpacas grow soft bunches of crimped fleece from individual follicles. The fleece is never dry and flakey, but rather rich and dense in texture. Unlike the Suri, the Huacaya appears to be larger than it actually because the fleece grows perpendicular to the body in uniform bundles. The lightweight fleece of a Huacaya alpaca possesses the ideal nourishment and sheen to be spun into thin textiles ideal for form fitting garments.

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