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Good newsletter on fiber issues worldwide, cialis generic rx  including and our presence at ITMA.  Published in Peru, ed the world is watching us!


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2012 Fiber to Market

“– U.S. alpaca farms have fiber and we  are ready to sell and expand our role in the market –“

Following is a list of Alpaca United’s 2012 Host Farms, viagra usa treatment the dates of collection and sale.  Additional information as to how the Project is being coordinated and participation can be found in the referenced documents on the Fiber to Market page.

The host farms and the dates for each event are listed below:

For more information, or to register as a buyer or producer, please click here Fiber_to_market

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Alpaca United Enters Phase Two, Hahn Assumes New Role

January 12, sildenafil and 2012
(for immediate release)


Chair Lee Liggett, on behalf of the Board of Directors and CEO Nick Hahn have jointly announced the successful completion of Phase One of the Company’s business strategy targeting increased awareness for NA Alpaca Fiber on the commercial textile, generic designer, retail and consumer levels.

This Phase of Company activity included the retention of Nick Hahn as CEO, creation of a legal entity, the organization’s Operating Agreement, investor subscriptions, positive trade and consumer publicity, branding (registered logo & tag-line), a dynamic presence on social media, a fashion website and fiber exhibit in connection with a leading international textile trade event, ITMA 2011.

In addition to events such as ITMA,  Mr. Hahn has spent the last several months speaking at industry events and consulting with alpaca breeders and associations on how to move forward into the next phase of the Company’s goals.

This first Phase generated quantifiable results for NA Fiber as follows:

  • 700 inquiries of interest in fiber and yarn from commercial textile mills worldwide.
  • 2000 catalogs highlighting US Alpaca farms and fiber distributed globally.
  • 1200 active followers on Facebook.
  • 30+ positive stories in domestic and international trade & consumer media.
  • 1200+ daily visits (on average) to company website.
  • Execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with North Carolina State University~College of Textiles for establishment of an Alpaca R&D Center.

Liggett announced: “we have spent this first year wrestling with the issues establishing the legal entity, generating phase one funding, building brand awareness and educating commercial textile companies and down stream product manufacturers and retailers on the performance characteristics of our fiber, it is now time to turn our attention to the fiber supply chain and build a commercially viable infrastructure from farm to market through our phase two initiatives”

Hahn added: “I’m a firm believer that supply follows demand. We have introduced NA Alpaca Fiber to domestic and international markets through creative branding and marketing, the industry now requires a commercially viable infrastructure to collect, sort, grade, bale and ship in a format acceptable to commercial textile companies”.

Hahn has informed the Board of Directors that he is transitioning from his position as CEO early in the New Year and returning to his role as an independent advisor to the international textile industry with a focus on domestic Alpaca organizations, private farms and related businesses.

Nick Hahn’s long established consulting firm, HAHN INTERNATIONAL, LTD. advises on natural fiber sales and marketing, branding, social media and press relations. Historically, the firm has worked extensively with non-profit and 501(c)(3) trade organizations including USDA sponsored commodity assessment programs and USAID funded projects in third world economies.

Hahn concluded: “I have served the alpaca industry in my capacity as CEO for fourteen months and am gratified with the level of market awareness and demand that has been created. As AU moves forward with their phase two initiative and begins to match demand with supply we’ll see a coalescing of interests driving a strong and profitable North American fiber business in the years to come”

An updated management and planning program will be announced by the Company in coming weeks. For further information contact:

Lee Liggett:
p: 505-353-1844

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Intuit Taps Text Messages, Economics To Boost Farmer Incomes In India | Co.Exist

Intuit Taps Text Messages, tadalafil online Economics To Boost Farmer Incomes In India | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation.

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Global apparel and textile industry business news, information, insight and market research services

Global apparel and textile industry business news, discount cialis cialis information, cialis sale insight and market research services.

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just-style Editor’s Weekly Highlights – 19 December 2011

just-style Editor’s Weekly Highlights – 19 December 2011.

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Alpaca Wins Big for Fall 2012

VPL | Search.

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Handcrafts and Haute Couture, Liliana Castellanos

Artesanía y la alta costura > Handcrafts and haute couture > Liliana Castellanos.

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Latest Newsletter | Innovation in Textiles

Latest Newsletter | Innovation in Textiles.

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Weekly Market Report — Fiber Prices

Weekly Market Report-December 8

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Valentino Opens 3D Virtual Museum

Valentino Opens 3D Virtual Museum.

An amazing presentation combining technology and fashion from the incomparable Valentino and MOMA Museum in NYC

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